Adoptable Horses


Rusty is an eight year old, appendix gelding. He is a big softy, standing about 16/16.1 hh.


We acquired Rusty last April from Camelot.


Eli was saved from the Camelot feed lot during the week of 7/21/10. He is a 7 1/2 year old, Paint/Arab cross. He stands about 15.1 hh.

Eli is a beautiful sorrel color with a flaxen mane and tail. His three white socks make him look very flashy. He moves beautifully, has lots of energy, and loves human companionship.

Eli has probably suffered some form of abuse in his past.� He tends to need some time to trust. He was very head shy, but has improved.� We will�continue to work with Eli and those issues.�

Eli has been�vaccinated and had his hooves trimmed on a regular basis. He's not especially good for the farrier, but it goes back to his trust issues. He does better with women than with men. �

Eli loves to play.....and jump. He can often be seen jumping over.....just about anything he can! He enjoys taking short cuts in the field, and if it involves jumping an obstacle, he does.

After further evaluation, Eli will be moving to our Adoptable page in May. He would be best suited with an intermediate to advanced rider. If you have interest in Eli, and would like to meet him, please contact us.�

There are a number of very kind hearted individuals who are responsible for Eli's rescue from the feedlot. We will be forever grateful for your generosity. You have made a difference in the life of an overlooked, needy horse who's turned out to be a shining diamond. Perhaps no one would have had the opportunity to discover that, if not for your wonderful gifts.

Thank you: Nancy S., Lori G., Barb J., Rebecca G., Beth B., OHAAT, Debbie D., Evon H., Beth R., Carolyn J., and Sherry M.