Retirement Sanctuary

Retirement. A time to kick back and relax when you're older and can't do as much. A chair on the beach with a glass of lemonade and a book usually suffices. But while we are sipping from our straws, soaking up some sun, horses are being tossed aside because they are in their later years, and are deemed "useless".

That horse is then sent to auction, and potentially on his/her way to slaughter.

Below are our Sanctuary Rescues. We find them to be quite special.



Goldie arrived at Liberty, with Rumba, in February of 2010. She was relinquished to us by a breeder who wished to retire her. Goldie had spent her life as a broodmare.

Goldie severly foundered ten days after her arrival at Liberty.� We nearly lost our little Goldie.�

During her founder crisis, it was discovered Goldie is insulin resistant, which is similar to Type II diabetes in humans. She is on a forever low starch/low sugar diet of Purina Wellsolve L/S grain, and safe forage hay.� No more grazing in the grass.

Goldie did founder again in March of 2011. Not to the extent of her severe episode upon arrival, but every episode takes it's toll.

Goldie is an extremely sweet 20 year old mini mare. She came to Liberty, with what we believe to be little handling, and has been nothing but trusting since. Goldie is part of our Educational Program, and is always a children's favorite at the barn. She whinnies a greeting to anyone who visits. She is very bonded to Rumba. Always looking for treats, Goldie is permitted one sugar free treat per day!

Goldie is sponsored every month by "Auntie Deb". Thank you, Deb!

Please be Goldie's Patriot for only $15 a month!

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Roper is an�12 year old Quarter Horse gelding. He was formerly a lesson horse. He did not succeed well at his stable, and suffered an injury which rendered him "unusable". We had been aware of Roper's situation, and stepped in to prevent his trip to auction.


Roper's vet determined that his injury was due to a fall or kick, which resulted in muscle loss at the site.

Sponsor Roper for only $15.00 a month�and become�his Liberty Patriot!

A special thank you to: Fae and Parents, Anne P., and Robbie F. and Family. Your kind generosity enabled us to obtain this great horse!



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