Rescue A Horse

Those Who Need Saving

So many horses go to auction, and few get homes. Help us save the lives of the magnificent creatures being sent to slaughter.

Liberty's Rescue a Horse program is just one of the ways you can help. It costs the $2500 to purchase a horse at auction or from a horse broker, quarantine for 30 days, transport twice, vaccinate, trim hooves, and float teeth. If you are saddened, or furious, over the slaughter of horses, and would like to save a life, donate to "Rescue a Horse". Your name (or company's name) will be displayed with the rescued horse. Please help "Rescue a Horse".

If you contact us regarding relinquishment of your horse, please note that we DO NOT accept requests from anyone who has not previously donated to our rescue. We do not have the space to help those who have not helped us.

If you have a previous donation history with LER, and we have the space and ability to accept your horse, there will be a $10,000 donation fee to cover our expenses for the first two years. Your donation covers housing, hay, grain, vet, dentist, farrier, and any other unforeseen necessities. Adoptable horses need time to settle in and adapt, before they are evaluated. Unadoptable horses will be a financial burden on the rescue for the remainder of the horse's life, so the rescue needs financial help caring for your horse. We do not have unlimited funds to spend on a horse you are unable to keep, despite your responsibility toward that animal.

If we assist you to find placement for your horse using our many contacts, we require that you have a previous donation history with LER, and donate $200 to the rescue, before we can begin assistance.